The 3rd Troubleshooting Contest “CREATIONLINE CUP” Preparation period.


This is the report of preparation piriod for “CREATIONLINE CUP” the 3rd ICT Troubleshooting Contest.
Steering Committee’s member have worked preparation about six months from kickoff meeting on Sep. 17 at Tezukayama University.

Photo Report

Dec. 2014

We had held a telephone conference meeting at Cisco systems, because executive committee and steering committee member are in east and west side in Japan.

DSC_1456 DSC_1457


Jan. 2015

DSC_1505 DSC_1506

Feb. 2015

We held boot camp twice.
P1070687 P1070688 IMG_0993 IMG_0997 IMG_0998 p1080277-3

DSC_1505 DSC_1506 DSC_1587 DSC_1589


Mar. 2015

And then, we reached performance day.
Equipment arrived at the end of February and Steering committee preparing a contest at Tezukayama University.
Thank you for Tezukayama University for lent us the location.

P1130043 P1130044 P1130047 P1130046 P1130064 P1130066 P1130068 P1130070 P1130073 P1130075 P1130080 P1130083

IMGP4985 IMGP4880

IMGP4840 IMGP4998

蜀咏悄 2015-03-01 17 34 45 IMGPxxxx IMGP5035 IMGP5004 IMGP4945 IMGP4902 IMGP4893 IMG_0889 IMG_0887-1 IMG_0877


Mar. 12 2015 (the day before contest)

We were busy preparing a contest on doing our best.

DSC05739 DSC05744 DSC05746 DSC05747 DSC05748 DSC05749 DSC05751 DSC05754 DSC05761 DSC05762 DSC05771 DSC05775 DSC05776 DSC05777 DSC05778 DSC05783 DSC05790 DSC05795 DSC05797 DSC05798 DSC05810 DSC05813

DSC05816 DSC05819 DSC05830 DSC05839

Mar. 13 Contest report is here.