“CREATIONLINE CUP” The 3rd ICT Troubleshooting Contest -DAY2-


The 2nd day report


9:00~12:00 Contest Start
【Day1 Questions】

  • OSPF question. (Request for resetting network, and external connection.)
  • Steganography 1HDVC(research the answer and report)
  • DHCP → Request for constructing the DHCP server.
  • TTL → Resolve the issue of can’t network access.
  • proxyradius → Resolve the issue of authentication.
  • Packet analyzing. (research the answer and report. part2)
  • Application DB migration. → (Test Redmine DB migration.)
12:00~13:00 Lunch
13:00~16:00 Contest restart
Day1 end.
16:00~17:00 Scoring
17:00~20:00 Social Gathering Party and Lightning Talk.

Contest Start

This is raining, but participating team students didn’t delay.

DSC05994 DSC05995 DSC05996 DSC05997

From 9:15, the contest question ticket(Redmine) issueing.

DSC05998 DSC06002 DSC06003 DSC06007 DSC06005 DSC06006 DSC06008 DSC06010
Competition rule explain. In this contest, use IP Phone for contact to the steering committee.

DSC06013 DSC06014 DSC06015

Competition Start!

DSC06016 DSC06017 DSC06018 DSC06019 DSC06020 DSC06021 DSC06022 DSC06023

The steering committee checking contest progress.
In the Operation room. This monitor vision is Zabbix system.

DSC06024 DSC06025

10769_969738913037148_4474535933457776433_n 回答進捗をモニターする運営チーム。

DSC06030 DSC06034


This timing, the uniform of Cisco is arrived.
The uniform wearing steering committee, for difference from team and committee.
the steering committee member were pleased.

DSC06035 DSC06037

took a photo.
DSC06039 DSC05823 DSC06046 DSC06047 DSC06048 DSC06052

At lunch time, steering committee guidance participation team to the cafeteria.
The Cafeteria of Tezukayama University had prepared Lunch box. Thank you very much!
DSC06054 DSC06055 DSC06062 DSC06063 DSC06064 DSC06070

After lunch, competition restarted.
This time, after afternoon competition, we planed social gathering party. We hope the students deep exchange.DSC06071 DSC06073

DSC05859 DSC05857 DSC05856 DSC05854 DSC05853 DSC05852 DSC05851 DSC05849 DSC05847 DSC05846 DSC05845 DSC05844 DSC05843 DSC06059

DSC06069 DSC06068

This is “NOC Tour”. Before social gathering party.
Steering committee Introduced competition environment and equipment to participation team students.

DSC06074 DSC06076

DSC06077 DSC06079 DSC06080 DSC06081 DSC06082 DSC06083

Network staff and Server staff explain equipment and they showed demonstration.
Thank you very much Cisco systems G.K. for provided equipment.

DSC06086 DSC06085 DSC06084 DSC06089

Left is Optical fiber cable of contest venue. Right is external network. We use WiMAX mobile network for external network.

DSC06436 DSC06433

Demonstration. This is working hotswap, so we can exchange fan don’t stop the machine.

10413309_969857359691970_4722480779801737383_n 10428578_969855546358818_8926513696119729536_n

After NOC Tour, the 1st day end.


Social gathering party

Before the party, the team introduction.

DSC06094 DSC06096

Team “WCDI” Nippon Engineering College of Hachioji /

DSC06099 DSC06104

Team “NISETSUMURI (with Pleasant friends)” Osaka Information and Computer Science College(Left)
Team “Team KOBAZEMI” Kansai University(Right)

DSC06105 DSC06111

Team “Team Aanabuki computer college” Aanabuki computer college(Left)
Team “Wiresharkers” Osaka Institute of Technology(Right)

DSC06115 DSC06118

Team “Takeda army corps” ECC COMPUTER COLLEGE(Right)

DSC06121 DSC06123

Team “Computer Workshop” Kinki University(Left)
Team “Anabuki Information official college” Anabuki Information official college(Right)

DSC06127 DSC06132

Team “Team Hirocon” Hiroshima Computer College(Left)
And moved to the party place.

These dishes and desserts are provided by cafeteria.
DSC06133 DSC06134 DSC06138 DSC06146

Opening greeting by professor Hioki. (Tedukayama University and executive committee)
DSC06147 DSC06150 DSC06153 DSC06154DSC06158 DSC06162 DSC06163 DSC06164

They seem could exchange themselves.
And on the other hand, committee students are preparing Lightning Talk.

DSC06165 DSC06166 DSC06173 DSC06175 DSC06176 DSC06178

The party continues on.

DSC06180 DSC06187 DSC06190 DSC06192 DSC06194 DSC06195 DSC06197 DSC06201

Then, Lightning Talk time.
The theme is free choice. Any talk is OK.
MC is Sudo who is committee student.
Below photos are Their Lightning Talk.
DSC06202 DSC06207


DSC06214 DSC06223

DSC06230 DSC06231 DSC06236 DSC06240

DSC06243 DSC06246

DSC06248 DSC06263

DSC06268 DSC06276

this is a slide of about competition question.
DSC06278 DSC06279 DSC06282 DSC06289

DSC06291 DSC06298

DSC06305 DSC06307 DSC06308

DSC06310 DSC06315

DSC06324 DSC06329 DSC06330 DSC06335

At the last, we gifted a novelty that we have given from SAKURA Internet Inc. and Cyber Agent, Inc. for students.

DSC06343 DSC06349 DSC06364 DSC06368 DSC06373 DSC06375 DSC06376 DSC06380 DSC06392 DSC06401

Thank you for cooperation of supported company.
Next day is the final.


The DAY3 is here.