“CREATIONLINE CUP” The 3rd ICT Troubleshooting Contest -DAY3-


The 3rd day report


9:00~12:00 Competition start
【Day2 Questions】

  • Wireless LAN loop → Construction wireless network.
  • DNS Overload issue → Can’t stop huge traffic.
  • NULL routing → Network Access problem
  • PXE → can’t be boot the system
  • Apache performance → Web server trouble
  • tunnel → Construct a tunnel network for new subsidiary.
12:00~13:00 Lunch
13:00~15:00 Competition restart
Day2 end.
15:00~16:00 Scoring
16:00~17:00 Award ceremony

DSC05834 DSC05836
This is a network image of the competition. (Click, you can see big one)

Competition day2 start

DSC06407 DSC06411 DSC06414 DSC06415

DSC06416 DSC06419

This white is AP for use the question.

DSC06431 DSC06423

DSC06424 DSC06425

DSC06427 10449517_970344519643254_2612784237388830616_n 10686653_970343752976664_3661533780380250288_n 11059430_970344319643274_4208659706716927839_n

1957981_970461829631523_4274591822229961743_n DSC06421 DSC06422 DSC06417

When happened some trouble, we show the information on the monitor like the upper right photo for team students and we’ll share the information.

10407314_970483109629395_5699182698986952237_n 10410784_970483106296062_5922613862543485420_n 10450528_970483102962729_4603572507798348990_n DSC06437

DSC06435 DSC06438
While the competition, we can see the competition venue on the monitor like this, and we can see the reaction of next room.

DSC06469 DSC06470 DSC06471 DSC06472 DSC06473 DSC06475

The competition is near time up.
The award ceremony preparation is under way at ceremony venue.

DSC06486 DSC06490 DSC06495 DSC06496

Time up! Competition is over.

10456198_970499419627764_46354768432329226_n 11045461_970499416294431_944475972920025943_n

After scoring, award ceremony will start. Everybody moved ceremony venue.

Award ceremony

DSC06507 DSC06542

There are novelties of sponsor companies.
Cisco Systems G.K. Note.
Techorus Inc. Friction ball-point pen.
LINE Corporation CLEAR FILE.

DSC06488 DSC06513 DSC06514 DSC06520

Scoring team is coming. Now announce the results!

DSC06539 DSC06540 DSC06542 DSC06544


Excellent Award


Team “Nise Tsumuri (with Pleasant friends)” Osaka Information and Computer Science College

Presenter Shinji Hioki Tezukayama University Professor
They got 50,000 yen ($500) prize money acquisition.

DSC06546 DSC06555 DSC06556 DSC06565


Highest Award



Team “team Koba-zemi” Kansai University

Presenter Tadahiro Yasuda CREATIONLINE, Inc. CEO
They got 100,000 yen ($1,000) prize money acquisition.

DSC06572 DSC06575

DSC06578 DSC06581 DSC06583 DSC06587 DSC06590 DSC06493



From sponsor companies and steering committee.

DSC06597 DSC06603DSC06599 DSC06602

DSC06607 DSC06608 DSC06612 DSC06614

DSC06616 DSC06619

They could not solve the question is carry over next competition.

DSC06622 DSC06627 DSC06630 DSC06634 DSC06636 DSC06640



Thank you very much for everyone!


DSC06641 DSC06651



It is the end after clean up the venue.
See you next contest!

11074720_970565146287858_8367111924459558195_n DSC06671

DSC06672 DSC06675